The person that is looking for cool sculpting reviews is probably prone to want to realize what the details are behind this new procedure, the costs involved, the expectation of pain, recovery time, and how effective it will be for you. We have thoroughly reviewed what there is to learn about cool sculpting and have released the following information.

Cool Sculpting, which is also known as Cryolipolysis. This is a unique procedure which involves these types of activities which you should expect.

So how does CoolSculpting Work?

This procedure worked by using an applicator that can be held in the palm of your hand. It is then pressed against the area that is used to target the fat. The size of the device used to destroy the fat is proportionate to the size of the patient. So a bigger person would need a bigger applicator. This makes the cost of the device higher and these costs might be passed off to the patient.

So what should you expect during the CoolSculpting Process?

When you do decide to have your body cool sculpted, here are essential things you need to expect. The skin is held against the applicator for an hour or two. The skin will go down to about 40 degrees. This is not quite freezing temperature, but it will have an impact on the fat cells that are being targeted. This cooling will typically freeze the fat cells down pretty effectively and they will start to die off.


So what do you have to do as the patient? Typically, most people tend to kill time during this procedure. You shouldn’t expect pain, but you should expect some cooling sensations on the area that is being treated. But typically, patients will watch TV, sleep, or just relax. Others might be on their laptop or iPad during this time.


There is no cutting involved. You won’t have to go through the anesthesia that is typically used in other procedures. You shouldn’t expect pain or any recovery time. You can go about your typical activities immediately.


One thought some people have had is, well could I just put some ice on the area myself? The problem with that is it’s not regulating the temperature properly to the skin and cells that are being treated. The applicator that is used at a clinic is computer programmed to constantly regulate the temperature in a specific way to maximize the benefits while minimizing any risks of overdoing the cooling process or not cooling the area enough.


The effectiveness on the reduction of fat is a 20% ratio. It doesn’t work great on people that are really overweight to a high degree. It is effective in a bulge that is identified here or there. For those who aren’t far away from being at their goals but have a few problem areas, they are perfect candidates.


The costs vary from place to place, but this treatment can range from $500 to $2000 dollars depending on the size of the area that will be treated. The costs of recovery time and out of pocket are less then liposuction and there will be no pain or scarring.


Given this new way of treatment for destroying fat cells compared to the time consuming diet & exercise and the pain that results in liposuction, it makes sense that cool sculpting is starting to catch on. Again though, this is a new procedure and the long-term effects are not known against people yet. But this is an FDA approved procedure and no long-term issues are expected for this cool sculpting procedure.

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